"GREAT IDEA NIGHT" to Debut in 2020!

Let’s Learn From Each Other!

Thursday, January 9th (Baseball Coaches ONLY)

The PA Coaches Clinic is proud to introduce “GREAT IDEA NIGHT.” In addition to our nationally recognized clinicians teaching and inspiring our attendees, we are now featuring an exciting opportunity to learn from our peers as well! Do you have a great idea worth sharing? What little things do you do as a baseball coach that are unique, effective and have a profound impact on the overall quality of your program? We are looking for your secret for developing team culture, creating pre-game routines, organizing batting practice and more.  Please send a description of your GREAT IDEA along with your name and school to pacoachesclinic.zach@gmail.com by DECEMBER 1, 2019 (baseball coaches only). If selected to present, you will receive a free lunch on FRIDAY, JAN 10 as a thank you!  (Ideas should be limited to a maximum of five minutes.)